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Ranger 58m Megayacht | Interior

Ranger 58m Megayacht | Exterior

Egg and Dart Tender

The design and the construction of the Ranger 58m is just functional, highest safety and comfort is basic principle of this Explorer.
This yacht is made for exploring the world with lifestyle and luxury on board and an elegant, timeless and exterior with modern lines but classic touch. One of the main features is the Bridge Deck and Observation Deck with Research Area and Office, Library and Seating Area next to the Wheelhouse, Whale Watching Stations and inside and outside Observation Seating.

This feature gives all passengers the opportunity to be an active part of the exploring trip. While sailing, the guests can do research about their environment

and explore flora and fauna of their route.

Gear like sport fishing chairs , diving equipment, whale watching stations and separate vehicles like an helicopter, an All-Terrain Vehicle (MB G-Class), and light weight Akoya wich ( an airplane designed by LISA Airplanes, flying since 2007 as the first aircraft capable of landing with equal ease on land, water and snow, with a range of 1650km) all this shape the trip and make the world closer from the yacht. As on all Yachts designed by Egg and Dart enough space for crew guarantees perfect service and safety on board while guest can enjoy nature with lifestyle full of luxury.

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