6m Egg and Dart Tender

Capacity 47.5m Megayacht | Interior

Capacity 47.5m Megayacht | Exterior

Egg and Dart Tender

The Style of this ocean going steel-aluminium displacement Yacht is extremely elegant and unique through her very straight Exterior lines, the design seems minimalist in consequence of her clean shapes, obviously following function and not any fancy design attitudes. The Yachts impression is timeless, that gives the guarantee that the Design will be modern for ages. The profile with its very svelte character gives the impression of length, and it appears that the design of Egg and Dart shows parallels to the automotive design regarding aerodynamic details and their very futuristic and technical high performance. One of the main features is the connection between the roofs and

the decks, there are tunnels which gives the yacht more stability regarding the formation of the superstructure. Furthermore, the guest will enjoy a nice experience while exploring the exterior of the yacht. Regarding the rooftops of the yacht, an expert eye could perceive parallels to the bonnet of an Aston Martin. The surfaces are constrained and formed in an tight way. Further details like wing controls and life rafts are cleverly integrated in the surface- design and keep the Yacht slim and clean. The closed and well designed aft areas of the yacht provides the owner and crew with protection on open waters and whilst looking great, also affords a high degree of privacy when berthed stern to.

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