Egg and Dart’s design approach for the Baron 102′ motor yacht cal­led “Oce­an of Love” crea­tes an inno­va­ti­ve and inte­gra­ti­ve design lan­guage that seeks for a modern inter­pre­ta­ti­on of tra­di­tio­nal Mega Yacht inte­ri­or. The main focus lies on the saloon situa­ted on the main deck. The signi­fi­cant shape of the win­dows domi­na­ting the exte­ri­or has been reflec­ted in the inte­ri­or crea­ting an over­whel­ming pan­o­r­amic view. The dining area usual­ly part of the saloon is a sepa­ra­te room with an expo­sed posi­ti­on bet­ween main deck and fly bridge with gene­rous pro­por­ti­ons and spaciousness.

The cab­ins are distin­gu­is­hed by an intel­li­gent and gene­rous design of space backed by a varie­ty of authen­tic, high-class mate­ri­als. Excep­tio­nal­ly are the details of the arran­ge­ment in fur­ni­tu­re design and the choice of high qua­li­ty and exclu­si­ve mate­ri­als, crea­ting an excee­din­gly ele­gant and wel­co­ming ambi­ence. The yacht and her inte­ri­or was pro­du­ced in Ger­ma­ny and pre­sen­ted at the Mona­co Yacht Show, awar­ding Egg and Dart Design Cor­po­ra­ti­on with the “Prix de Design” by H.S.H. Prin­ce Albert of Monaco.

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