The design and the con­s­truc­tion of the 35m Motor Yacht Cou­ra­ge is just func­tion­al, hig­hest safe­ty and com­fort is basic prin­ci­ple of this Mid­si­ze Explo­rer. This yacht is made for explo­ring the world in luxu­rious style on board a ves­sel with ele­gant, tim­e­l­ess lines but with a clas­sic touch.

Some of the prin­ci­pal fea­tures are the bridge and obser­va­ti­on decks with Rese­arch Area and Office, Libra­ry and Sea­ting Area next to the Wheel­house, Wha­le Wat­ching Sta­ti­ons and insi­de and out­side Obser­va­ti­on Sea­ting. The­se fea­tures allow all pas­sen­gers the oppor­tu­ni­ty to be an acti­ve part of the adventure.

Whilst sai­ling, the guests can rese­arch the flo­ra and fau­na that they might encoun­ter in the lands they visit.

Gear like sport fishing chairs , diving equip­ment, wha­le wat­ching sta­ti­ons allow the guests to explo­re every aspect of the expe­di­ti­on.
As on all Yachts desi­gned by Egg and Dart enough space for crew gua­ran­tees per­fect ser­vice and safe­ty on board while guest can enjoy natu­re with life­style full of luxury.

Exterior Design

Interior Design