123m Aphelion

86m Explorer

70m Ranger Explorer

68m Commander

65m Trimaran

62m Capacity

58m Ranger Explorer

52m Anatomic

47.5m Capacity

42m Anatomic

38m Sport

36m Lifstyle

35.5m Travel

32m Baron

30m Debirs Sport

26m Import III

26m Classic

23.7m Black Mail

## NEW ##

18ft APEX60 DayTender

100ft Sailing Yacht

50ft Sailing Cruiser

40ft Race Cruiser

6m Egg and Dart Tender


Egg and Dart Tender

The egg and dart TENDER is yet another of the exciting range of unique new build projects developed through Egg and Dart Design Corporation. We created the entire exterior design according to the classical lines of a wooden tender boat.

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